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Entry #2

Proper Introduction

2013-01-13 22:47:10 by CzeryWassierSwizier

Hi everyone.

I've been a big fan of newgrounds ever since 2008 but I've never really properly introduced myself. A brief summary below is the result.

At the time I was for the most part a casual gamer. I was fascinated by the world of flash gaming (At the time, I did not own any consoles). I often found myself browsing through this flash haven. I loved the games joeybetz, john cooney, bontegames and many other as well. Like many other gamers, I had aspirations to recreate similar games of my own making.

At this point, I must interrupt the story for an revolutionizing event occurred. I stumbled upon Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Although this may seem rather trivial by itself, it was a breaking point, the first step towards making my own game. With the simple implementation of custom animations, I was able to use powerpoint as crude yet workable developing environment. It had all the basic functions - slides, animations and the mouseOver test. Using powerpoint I was able to make a simple avoidal game that I appropriately titled "Don't Touch The Lines" or DTTL for short. You can still see the result of weeks of effort on my website here.

That was five years ago. Not soon after I published my first game, I got my some of friends to work on game development. On our own, we were able to figure out some of the basic components of the games themselves and we published better projects. A year later, I became occupied with my work and the whole gaming thing faded.

Last year, I took a computer programming course and learned the basics of programming. Along with the mundane programming knowledge I gained, I also found out that my school had installed Adobe Flash (CS3, mind you) on each and every one of their computers. (I don't know where they got that money) At this point, I began animating and the short, crappy animations that get blamed on newgrounds today. (I never published any).

Unsure about which path to take, I tried out programming instead. It took three months to make my first game, Shooting fish. Needless to say, it was complete crap. It was based of a AS2 guide I had found from Kongregate. Because I had to work on school computers, my editing time was extremely limited.

Just this Christmas, I was finally able to (legally) get a copy of Flash. Ever since, I have been working hard on producing half decent content. Hopefully, with enough effort, I will finally able to produce great games.


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